Bonus Post: Epic Encounter

Today I’m featuring a bonus post to share what I saw driving to work this morning.

As I made my way down the 8 West to meet up with the 5 North and continue my journey in to La Jolla for work, I noticed that distant traffic on the 8 East was stalled completely. I then noticed a police car blocking the advancement of said traffic. I then looked around to see what might be causing the stoppage, as I saw no accident, no ambulances, no tow trucks.

What I saw was a tall man, at least six foot, wearing shorts, a long sleeve flannel and a backpack in the middle of the freeway. In his hands was a piece of metal pipe that was also about six feet long that he was twirling around like a ninja as he kicked a soccer ball around.

He had to be at least level 60 to pull that off.

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