Friday Alternate: Urbansquall Projects

As it’s time for me to start thinking about National Novel Writing Month and as I’m busy a bit lately, I haven’t been able to focus as much as I’d like on Changeling. So it takes a backseat this week and I’ll announce a few tidbits regarding projects I’m working/am related to.

First off is Raving Rabbids: Rabbids Go Home. No… I didn’t pen the actual title, but I did write up the tutorial and descriptions for this here Flash game. This one was a lot of fun to work on because it was very lightweight and it was great to think about how to write in a fashion the Rabbids would approve of. It’s a bit of a bummer there are such space limitations when writing these things, as I had a lot of funny stuff I needed to excise for space requirements. *sigh*

Astute fanboys and fangirls might see a resemblance to Bloody Fun Day. Don’t tell anyone.

Next in the queue are the upcoming titles in the Battalion saga. First came Battalion: Nemesis. Give it a roll and thrill to the rush of combat and savor a story called “suitably melodramatic” and writing that’s “quite good, if a little dry”. (I’m being snarky, but I was super pleased with that assessment)

Then came Battalion: Arena, one of the finer multiplayer games to hit the web, in my humble opinion (and no, I didn’t actually DO anything on that one, so I’m not really tooting my own horn there). Largely free to play and two levels of paid accounts for extras if you like what you see (one-time fee, not monthly cost).

Coming soon, though are 4 more episodes in the Battalion series, all written by yours truly. There are two more single player chapters in the adventure, followed by two shorter cooperative campaigns—and if you thought the story was suitably melodramatic before, I can only assume what comes next is going to rate as wildly melodramatic. (I make no promises the text will be anything but legible.)

So, give a look to these prior releases and keep your eyes open for the upcoming titles, they’re good fun—and great fodder for posts on writing for flash games once again.

UPDATE: Early review of the next Battalion game: “So far the dialogue/story of this is approximately 10x better than Nemesis. Maybe 20x. Somewhere in that range. Tough to measure scientifically.”

I’m ignoring the first part of that and just looking at the part where it talks about how I’m awesome.

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