Friday: Birthday Cop-Out Post

It’s my birthday tomorrow (today by the time you’re reading this) and it’s very late and it’s been a very busy week. So I’m taking the day off.

Starting Sunday, my schedule will be changing quite dramatically. National Novel Writing Month begins for me, and I embark on a quest to write 50,000 words bound together with some form of cohesive purpose, all in the span of one month. This means I need to be writing at least 1500 words each day. It’s a bit of a marathon, especially seeing how it comes right in the start of the holiday madness at the end of the year. If you’d like to learn more about the program, or care to suffer from your own rush of temporary insanity (or inanity, as it may turn out), you may click upon this text.

And now, I leave to open cards from loving family members, sit on a couch, perhaps eat a cupcake and look forward to sleeping in cold weather because that means I can load up tons of blankets and get all nice and super cozy. Apparently I still sleep best when I’m more or less swaddled.

Play me out, keyboard cat.

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