Interview: The Newbies

And now with a tardy intro! Sorry RSS subscribers. KC and Seth had their little dude, Rylan, in December 2009. Which means KC and Seth are just getting into the groove of being new parents. Here are some questions and answers from the pair.

Q: Did you have an easy pregnancy?

A: For the most part, yes, besides him being breech in the end and the occasional day of feeling so huge I felt I couldn’t breathe (those days were very rare and towards the very end). When all the rest of the pregnant people around me were going crazy just wanting their kid out because they were just done with being pregnant I was trying to coach my little guy into being a little late…he came early…

Q: Did you have any pet peeves that people would do to you/around you when you were pregnant?

A: Smoking! I could smell it from miles away. Before I was pregnant I could tolerate someone smoking nearby but when I was pregnant it was like a switch and as soon as I smelt a hint I would get really angry and cranky (I still do now). Also, a lot of people would no longer say hi to me. They come up to say hi to the belly and then continue what they were doing without actually saying hi to me.

Q: Is parenthood everything you expected it would be so far?

Dad- I didn’t know what to expect. I’m just taking it one day at a time.
Mom- I would agree with that.

Q: What’s the most unexpected thing about having a newborn?

Dad- How much he actually craps a day.
Mom- How much work it really is. I knew having a baby meant it’s all about them and it’s a lot of work but I didn’t realize being the mom it is literally 24/7. You feed them, put them to sleep, try to get some sleep just to be woken up shortly to feed again over and over and over again. For me there was 3 hours between feeding times which seems decent but when you break it down it is 40-60 mins for the feeding and then 30-45 mins to get him to sleep, leaving an hour for me to sleep, if I’m lucky.  Recently it’s gotten to 2 hours between feedings… you do the math… BUT it is totally worth it.

Q: Is there a “best part”?

Dad- The faces he makes. No matter what it is, it always brings a smile to my face.
Mom- Again I agree with dad. When he looks at you and your heart just melts and just when you think you can’t love him any more you just do.

Q: Do you have any specific advice that you’d offer to expectant parents?

Dad- Not really advice but more of a warning…the sleeping part is worse, no matter how much people say how bad it is.
1. Stock up on paper plates, cups, bowls and plastic utensils. Seth thought I was crazy for doing this but even at this point (6 weeks) the last thing you want to do, IF you can get to it, is dishes.
2. Organize a meal schedule for at least the first 3 weeks. Whether it be asking friends to sign up for a day to bring dinner or to come over and cook for you or getting those pre-made meals to put in the freezer/ fridge.
3. If you have any bills that aren’t on automatic bill pay, do it now. If it doesn’t have the option of doing that set up something with your bank to schedule future payments or get the checks and envelopes ready so all you have to do it pop it in the mail (or have someone drop it off at the post office for you). I would suggest at least 3 months in the future.
4. People will tell you this over and over again…sleep when your baby sleeps even if you’re not tired. You never know when they are going to have a fussy night and you won’t get any sleep.
5. Moms, if you are breastfeeding, find a breastfeeding support group and go to it immediately. Don’t wait for a problem before going. Go for at least the first couple of weeks right after you get out of the hospital.

Q: About how much sleep do you get each night?

Mom- 4-6 hours (broken up by feedings)
Dad- My normal sleep, Kc takes care of me very well (my warning above is more for the first few nights for dads).

Q: Have you found its possible to still be living your life? Or are things on hold for a bit until the little guy is older?

Dad- Life is still the same but you’re just not on time anymore, you can’t go out as much and you can no longer be spontaneous.
Mom- Life is definitely on hold, at least the first couple of months.  Not that you can’t go out but you’re very limited because of having to work around feeding schedules and if you don’t have anyone to help (i.e. dad goes back to work) it’s really difficult to go out.

Q: How is Rylan so far? Easy? Finicky?

Mom & Dad- Easy for the most part (compared to other horror stories we’ve heard from other parents), however, he has his moments of being finicky. In the first few weeks it seemed he had a witching hour when late in the evening between 9pm and 12am he was finicky. We could change him, feed him and have him wrapped up but he would just cry and we would have to try little tricks (jogging around the house, speed walking with quick turns thrown in here and there) to get him to sleep.

Q: Let’s talk names. You had a very specific desire for your baby name. Can you talk about that?

Mom & Dad- We wanted a name that you’ve maybe heard but you didn’t know anyone by that name, something unique but not too exotic. We’re both also big movie lovers so that’s where a lot of “research” came from but Seth was very specific that it couldn’t be a common movie name for a boy.
When we found out we were going to have a baby we started throwing out names right away. We had 3 girl names pretty quickly but had the hardest time coming up with a boy name we both liked. We then found out we were having a boy so it was time to start thinking harder. The first one we finally both liked was Xander. I (mom) knew someone by that name and always liked it. At first dad wasn’t too crazy about it (because it was in Buffy the Vampire Slayer) but I kept throwing it out and it grew on him eventually and that was “the” name for while. We also asked for peoples input. Nikki ended up sending us text messages every few days with a list of names that we would go over each night. In the last text message she sent she threw in the name Rylan and we both really liked it. It was from the movie “The Last Starfighter.” The planet in the movie was Rylos and the people were called Rylans. So then it was a decision of which one we liked better. Fairly quickly we both started leaning towards Rylan because Seth knew several people with kids named Xander/Zander and Rylan pretty much filled all of our wants, it was unique but not too exotic and when we told people the names the majority leaned towards Rylan as well. As for the middle name we actually only decided on that in the operating room after he was delivered. We had originally said we would not name our kids after anyone but after continuing to think of names for a middle name and coming up empty, Seth threw out his middle name, Allen, which was also his fathers middle name. I wasn’t convinced though so we kept on thinking but nothing else really stuck and I could tell that Seth wanted it, even though he said we didn’t have to if I didn’t want to. So after Rylan was delivered I looked at Seth and said should we name him Rylan Allen and he asked if I was sure and I said yes as long as our second child’s middle name was after my dad, and he said “that’s a deal.”

Q: Did you enjoy input from others regarding the name? Did it get to be too much?

Dad- I liked it when people suggested names but I didn’t like it when people found negative things about names we had liked.
Mom- I agree with dad on this one.

Q: How has help from your family been so far?

Dad- It’s been pretty good.
Mom- Really good

Q: Does it ever get to be too much family, or is it always welcome?

Dad- It could never be too much family.
Mom- It’s always welcome.

Q: Was it tricky to make your place baby-ready? How long before the birth date did you start prepping?

Mom- I hadn’t been around pregnant women before and so when it came down to figuring out what we needed to get it got really frustrating because there is so much and then SO many choices. It required a ton of research. I started researching about at about 26 weeks, however, to this day I am still buying things I realize we need.

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