Before I begin the post, I’ll make another advertisement for this project:

If you would like to look into recording any audio for the baby (reading a favorite story, telling a joke (let’s keep it clean, people), saying hello…) please let me know. If you have means to record on your own (via iMac, iPhone, web-cam, whatever) just send me the audio and I can convert and import it to our MP3 players for presentation to the baby. If you do not have means, let me know and I’ll see what I can work out for you.

I, for one, am recording a reading of The Marvelous Land of Oz, which the more I think of it, the more appropriate it is. Since this baby is very soon going to be a stranger in a very strange land.

And now… das postenmeister.

I think part of the reason that people become so amazed with the process of being pregnant and having a baby is that it’s about as close to real magic as we can get in this world. It’s alchemy without the Philosopher’s Stone. You take two people, throw in two dozen wine coolers, a blindfold, vegetable oil, and six sets of chopsticks, and then 40 weeks later you get a third person!

Janelle spends her day walking around with a person in her tummy that has materialized out of more or less thin air. And, while there are entire college courses filled with learning about how that little person will come to develop and grow physically, the essence of that little person, its personality, is basically sorcery. Babies, from minute one, have their little personality. Some are agreeable, some are happy, some seem scared and sensitive, some are grumpy to the point that maybe they’ve been here before and, dammit, it’s still too cold for their liking.

There are many things I plan on doing in my life. I plan to have a long and successful career. I plan to have many friends. I plan to read many books and play many games. I plan to write at least one book and hopefully a handful of screenplays (and maybe even get money for one of them). I plan to donate to charities and give good advice to people. I plan to handle adversity gracefully and be the kind of person that someone can depend upon. I plan on doing many awesome things that I can’t think of right now—but I’m going to be hard pressed to beat creating a human being.

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