Picture Perfect

I tend to get cranky if my plans get changed. Considering that I have a fairly active life and am frequently making trips all around San Diego and up to LA to visit with friends and family, I hold surprisingly fast to what I have made up in my mind will be happening. Just because I’m aware of it doesn’t mean that I’m any less petulant about it when the case arises that something doesn’t go as imagined.

I’m not talking about awesome plans, either. It’s not like I was originally scheduled to get hot oil massages from Victoria’s Secret models all hopped up on ecstasy and someone told me I needed to go and clean rain gutters out instead. I’m talking about things like learning I’m not going to get to go home and watch The Clone Wars.

You can imagine then that matters concerning things like that human being that I created would be a bit more worrying.

After a recent blood sugar test, Janelle’s results came back high. Type 2 diabetes actually runs in her family, so her levels tend to be elevated, but not in the danger zones. Gestational diabetes is a reasonably common affliction for pregnant woman, where the hormones released during pregnancy essentially induce a temporary form of diabetes. So, considering her predisposition, we were concerned about developing gestational diabetes. But, the pregnancy to date has been better than textbook. Janelle’s avoided morning sickness, major body discomforts (that are chronic and lasting), vicious heartburn and the rest. By all accounts, we’ve got ourselves a fully healthy baby on the way. Like all parents, we hope for perfection for the baby’s arrival and things had been going so well, I think we both forgot that perfect just isn’t going to happen.

In our particular case, this bit of news is more than just a concern in terms of diet and habit for Janelle through the course of the pregnancy. We’re aiming for natural childbirth. We’re reading books about it. We’re taking classes about it. We are fully committing ourselves to it. Aaaaaaand now the choice may very well be taken away from us. Yes, yes: I am jumping the gun in assuming things will go poorly, but it makes for a better post.

Part of the fallout from gestational diabetes, alongside concerns that the baby won’t develop as well as it would normally, is that babies tend to get very large and large babies are hard to deliver in the usual fashion. That means that it’s far more likely that the hospital will decide to induce or go the C-section route, which means drugs for mom and drugs for baby.

Janelle was about as upset as Janelle gets about this. While I was distressed to see her so affected, I found myself uncharacteristically ready to roll with the punches. Forgive the application of this phrase, but no plan survives contact with the enemy and infants are most certainly the enemy of expectation. They may demand a degree of routine as far as scheduling is concerned, but they are little balls of chaos. They don’t understand expectations. They don’t know how not to do dangerous things. They don’t know what it is to upset someone.

So what can I do but just take it as it comes, plans be damned? Seems like me and the baby might be growing up together.

Bonus Note!

I played with the baby for the first time today. Janelle was sitting next to me on the couch, looking at her belly. The baby is strong enough to make its various punches and movements visible on this flipside of the tummy. As we watched, her left side rippled a bit with little exploratory foot pokes. So, of course, I respond with some fairly strong rapid finger pokes, like I’m playing the piano on Janelle’s tummy. Wait a second and, sure enough, right in that spot, two big kicks.

I tried a couple more to see if it was a fluke, and no response. Oh bummer.

But wait! Baby starts to flutter things again a bit near the center of Janelle’s tummy. I repeat my poking, wait a second and, lo, two more big kicks!

I figured there’s not a lot to do in the womb. I like to spice it up a bit.

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