A Rain Check

It’s 10:20pm and I’m just getting settled after being up in LA for the first of Janelle’s two baby showers. The next will be this coming weekend in the SD area.

So, I’m not in great shape for writing up a post for today… but what I will do is advertise a post-mortem of the two events. Considering what the event is, that phrasing is either ironic or morbid. You decide.

I’ll be interviewing Janelle to find out what things she thought worked particularly well for the showers, what things didn’t work and what things she wishes she had and had not done for the event. Also, we’ll be able to give a good breakdown of what it’s like having a shower with the dad around and without, as I just made a cameo at the LA one, but will be around for the entirety of the SD event.

With that, back to getting ready for bed.

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