Vacation Day: Mini-Reviews – Burger Joints

This is a post that’s really for the San Diego natives out there. I have a bunch of other mini-review posts planned out into the future which will be less location-centric, but this is not one of them.

These are my favorite burger joints in San Diego. Delicious, all of them. I’m sure I’m forgetting at least one place…

Tioli’s Crazy Burger – Any place where you can get a venison burger that is topped with a poached red wine pear, mushrooms, bacon, a dab of real whipped cream and plum jelly is going to be alright with me. Crazy Burger manages to combine solid burgers with fancy toppings and avoid being pretentious at the same time. It’s about as hole-in-the-wall burger place as you can get, and then you see a menu with ostrich, bison, venison, alligator, kangaroo (!) and good old fashioned beef burgers with some of the tastiest topping combos I’ve ever seen. I mean, come on. The Nacho Burger basically has a giant tater tot patty on it. Everyone knows the tots cannot be stopped.

Hodad’s – For a thorough review, check out my man Eric’s blog post on the restaurant. My quick review is just going to be that Hodad’s is another joint that just feels like the kind of place you go to hang out at. You feel like you could become a regular and be buddies with the staff. It is a problem that it’s so popular and so small all at once, but if you just want a burger that massive and messy and accompanied by a pretty killer shake, Hodad’s is the place. The bacon on the bacon burgers is pretty unique, too. They create some sort of crazy weave of bacon. I don’t know. You just need to try it.

Hash House A-Go-Go – Hash House is legendary. They dish out portions at a price point that is simply astounding to me. $15 at Hash House will get you, if you are not a big eater, a meal so large your leftovers will span two more meals. You think I’m exaggerating, but the benedict I got there the over day came out on a plate with about an 18′ diameter. The plate was full… and the food was stacked about six inches up in the center. Look at the scale onthese plates against the waiter. Hash House only has a couple burgers, but they make up for a small selection in sheer scope. The burgers are stuffed burgers… which in this case means you get a couple of patties with basically a small meal in between them. Like, a full serving of mashed potatoes.

Gordon Biersch Brewery – Biersch is the most standard on this list, I think. It’s a chain, but it’s still pretty delicious. Biersch burgers are just good, solid, juicy burgers. Their Märzen BBQ sauce is pretty excellent. And as Biersch is a brewery, you will be able to get some pretty solid beers to accompany your giant burger. The Märzen beer is good, but if you can make it out in the winter for their Winterbock, you are really in for a treat.

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